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7 benefits of installing frameless shower screens

7 benefits of installing frameless shower screens

Bathroom renovations are becoming more popular as people look to modernise and upgrade their homes. One of the most popular additions to any bathroom renovation is a frameless shower screen. Frameless shower screens offer a variety of benefits and advantages that can make them a great choice for your bathroom renovation.

But what is a frameless glass shower? Well, a frameless glass shower is a modern shower enclosure that is designed without a metal frame. Instead of using a metal frame, frameless showers use thick tempered glass to create a sleek and sophisticated look. Frameless showers are becoming increasingly popular due to their clean aesthetic and easy maintenance.

That said, if you're interested in installing frameless shower screens for your but are unsure as to whether it will meet your needs, let's discuss the benefits it has to offer:

1. Visually Appealing
Frameless shower screens offer an increased visual appeal that can be difficult to replicate with framed shower screens. Because there is no frame, the glass appears larger and more open, creating a spacious and inviting feel for your bathroom.

2. Durable
Frameless shower screens are made from tempered glass, which is much stronger and more durable than regular glass. This means that your shower screen will be able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use for years to come. 

3. Easy to Clean
Frameless shower screens have fewer crevices and edges than framed shower screens, making them much easier to clean and maintain. This is especially important when dealing with bathroom humidity, as it can be difficult to keep framed shower screens clean and free of mildew and mould.

4. Customisable
Frameless shower screens are highly customisable and can be designed to fit any space or design aesthetic. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes to create a unique look that is tailored to your needs to create that dream bathroom of yours.

5. Increased Natural Light
Because frameless shower screens lack a frame, they let in more natural light than framed shower screens. This can help to make your bathroom feel more open and inviting, and a brighter bathroom is a safer bathroom.

6. Enhanced Value
Frameless shower screens can add value to your home. By increasing the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, they can help to raise the market value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Of course, even if you don't sell it, you have yourself a stunning bathroom to use.

7. Style and Shape

Without having to customise a frame you can do more with the style and shape of your frameless shower screen. A very poplar trend at the minute is the curved shower screens. 

Frameless shower screens are becoming an increasingly popular choice for bathrooms due to their sleek and modern look. As we've mentioned, they offer many advantages, such as improved safety, easy maintenance, more natural light, and increased value. If you're looking for an upgrade for your bathroom, a frameless shower screen may be the perfect solution!

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