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5 Easy Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Any Space

5 Easy Bathroom Mirror Ideas for Any Space

Bathroom mirrors have been undergoing a design renaissance in recent years. Once seen as purely functional, they are now often the focal point of the room, adding style and expanding the space—clever techniques borrowed from the hotel industry help to create this effect.

This article discusses ways designers have updated the look of bathroom mirrors. The author asks different designers for their opinion on the matter and provides various options for those who may be looking to update their bathroom mirrors.

1. Create Symmetry with Mirrors

Adding mirrors above a double sink or vanity is a great way to create a more luxurious look in your bathroom. This look can work with many different styles, from traditional to modern. By having two mirrors, you can create a more open and airy feel in the space, making the room appear larger than it is. This can also help to reflect more light into the room, making it feel brighter and more inviting.

2. Echo Shapes Throughout the Space

A bathroom mirror should be functional and stylish. It should be a design element that complements the other fixtures and features in your bathroom. If you have chosen a hexagonal bathroom floor tile, you can reflect that in your mirror design. Or, if you have a circular basin, a circular mirror would be a perfect complement.

3. Warm Up the Space with Brass Accents

Bathroom mirrors are often overlooked when it comes to design, but they can actually be an effortless way to tie the whole room together. Consider using a brass mirror to match if you have brass fixtures and fittings. This will give the room a warm and cohesive look, like a luxurious spa. Mirrors can also help reflect light around the room, making it appear brighter and more open. If you want to make a small bathroom feel larger, consider hanging a large mirror on one wall.

4. Blend Different Styles

Make your bathroom so stylish and elegant, all thanks to the beautiful antique mirror! The deep charcoal colour and big shape of the mirror balance out the bold yellow and white stripes of the tiles, making the overall look more serene and sophisticated.

The mirror in this bathroom creates a lovely blend of old and new styles. Second-hand antiques rather than new items give the space character and make it feel modern and classic simultaneously.


Bathroom mirror ideas can range from simple and functional to more decorative and stylish. No matter what your budget or taste, there is sure to be a mirror option that will suit your needs. With a little bit of creativity, you can easily transform your bathroom into a relaxing haven or a stylish retreat.

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