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Choosing the right mirror that looks amazing!

Choosing the right mirror that looks amazing!

Mirrors are a great way to add visual interest and vitality to your home decor. The challenge comes from the wide variety of mirror designs available.

Getting the correct mirror for your space and desired aesthetic is essential. But mirrors have many more uses than just decorative accents for a room. You can use a mirror to disguise several design flaws when hung properly.

When selecting the correct mirror for your wall, consider these four critical factors:

1. Size
It's essential to consider the size of the wall where you're hanging the mirror. The final size of the mirror should be based on the size of the wall you want to hang it on and the effect you want it to have.

A full length mirror is perfect if you want to make a statement in a spacious room like the living room, dining room or bedroom. A small feature mirror might be all you need to accentuate a narrow wall by your front door. By measuring its perimeter, consider how much of the wall you want the mirror to cover.

2. Shape
Wall mirrors can be found in many shapes, though the most common are square and rectangle or arch. If you want to draw attention to a wall, choose a mirror with an unusual shape, even if the mirror itself is small or plain.

3. Style
Some mirrors aren't framed at all; instead, they make a statement due to their size or shape. It's possible, though, to find a mirror with a frame that serves as a decorative focal point in and of itself.

For a modern, uncluttered look, go with a straightforward metal frame. Find
a mirror with an ornate, gilded frame if you're going for a more formal, dramatic look. Mirrors framed in a mosaic design using pieces of tile are also widely available and make for an exciting and eye-catching addition to any wall.

4. Decorative Frame and Color
Select a mirror with a decorative frame in a color that harmonizes with the room & it's design. A simple frame in black, white or wood tones will go with nearly any aesthetic.
Gilded metals, such as gold or silver, add an elegant touch that works well with traditional and contemporary designs. Consider the contrast you want to create between the mirror it's frame and the wall colour if you plan to hang a framed mirror on the wall. To create a natural contrast, select a frame that is much darker or lighter than the wall, or choose a coloured frame with a different undertone than the wall shade.

Remember a few things when choosing the correct mirror for your wall. Consider the size and shape of the mirror concerning the wall space you have available. Consider the room and it's form, style, and overall aesthetic you want to achieve. And finally, don't be afraid to experiment and have fun with different frame and finish options until you discover the perfect look for your home.

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