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6 Top Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Space Using Mirrors

6 Top Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Space Using Mirrors

Mirror decor is so versatile. You can add it to your kitchen to bring light in, hang a mirror art piece above your mantel to get a little sparkle, or try a mirror with a beautiful frame in your entryway. It doesn't only add to the style of your interior, but it also boosts natural light. 

We've pulled together some easy tips for using them, so keep reading to get inspiration from our favourite ways to style mirrors in the home.

1. Place Mirror Near Windows Where It Enhances the Light 

Because mirrors can reflect light and open up a room, they are best placed near windows where they can boost natural light. 

For example, choose to decorate a dining room with four rectangular mirrors. This style creates a visual symmetry and makes the room feel more airy and open.

2. Place Mirrors to Add Layers to Your Room Decor

Try adding a layer to your rooms to make your decor stand out. Hang a mirror on the wall above a console table or dresser, and add layers of decor around it. Frame prints, stack books and add other decorative items like candles or roses in decorative vases. Use colour to tie everything together.

For example, an antique gold frame, white decorative tray and weathered blue vase work well with the neutral tones of the books, canvas art and console table.

3. Place Mirrors to Take a Gallery Wall to the Next Level

Gallery walls, along with their popularity on design blogs and interior decorators, are excellent base decors. Mirror designs are limitless. As a means of elevating a gallery wall, using different shapes, sizes and colours of mirrors can add interest to a design—complement framed mirrors with framed pieces of art.

A vertical mirror on eye level can double as a room divider in addition to being a decorative accent. Choose a small mirror to include between art pieces to break up a pattern. 

4. Place Mirrors to Create a Gallery of Mirrors

A gallery wall covered entirely with mirrors creates an arrangement that radiates. It may seem like an uncommon choice, but it will light up a room and expand your living space. Versatile shapes and sizes, as well as different frame types, will make your space more attractive. 

Mix round frames with vertical rectangular ones, and add an arch shape for an eclectic look sure to get positive attention.

5. Place Mirrors to Fill Spaces between Windows

An open wall between windows can feel empty. One way you can fill the void is by placing mirrors. Positioning the mirrors in a side-to-side arrangement can create a more symmetrical feel rather than putting a mirror directly across from a window. 

Depending on the size of your room's windows, you may want to consider using mirrors to create contrast. This smaller mirror between two floor-to-ceiling windows makes the room feel bigger and adds the right amount of decor without distracting from the natural view outside.

6. Place Mirrors as Highlights over the Mantle

Put a large statement mirror on your fireplace mantle. Make sure the mirror's length matches the mantle's length, or leave about 5 to 10 inches on either side for a more relaxed look.

If you prefer a traditional style, hang the mirror in front of the mantle. Alternatively, lean it against the wall to make the most of its size. Accentuate the look with decorative items on top.


Mirrors are always a good addition to a room—they brighten spaces and make them feel bigger. Take your mirror design ideas to newer heights by following these tips in the article. 

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