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Rectangle or round mirror?

Rectangle or round mirror?

Rectangular vs. Round Mirror: Which One Should You Choose?

When decorating your home, one of the most important elements to consider is the choice of a mirror. Mirrors are essential for reflecting light and can help establish the semblance of a larger space. But with so many choices, you may wonder which type of mirror is best for you.

The two most popular shape mirrors are rectangular and round. These shapes are available in various sizes, frames, and materials. Each can be used to create a unique look that fits in with your overall design style. So which one should you choose?

Here are some tips you should remember:

1. Match Your Mirror Shape With the Wall Space
When choosing the perfect mirror for your bathroom, deciding between a rectangular or a round shape can be difficult. While both options can look great, the shape of your wall space can play a huge role in determining what mirror shape will look best in your bathroom.

Rectangular mirrors are a great choice for bathrooms with long, narrow walls, as they provide a sense of symmetry and balance. The elongated shape of the mirror also helps to create an illusion of a larger and more spacious bathroom. On the other hand, round mirrors are the perfect choice for bathrooms with curved walls, as they help to soften the angles and create a more inviting and warm atmosphere.

Round mirrors are also a great way to add a touch of visual interest to the bathroom.

2. Consider the Aesthetics of Your Bathroom
The perfect bathroom mirror shape lies in the space's interior design. After all, your mirror will be a focal point in the space and should complement the other elements in the room. A rectangular mirror is perfect if your bathroom has a modern design, clean lines, and a minimalist aesthetic.

On the other hand, if your bathroom has a more traditional feel, then a round mirror would be the perfect complement. Additionally, if you have an eclectic bathroom design, you can opt for both a rectangular and a round mirror to create a unique and interesting look.

3. Make Sure the Shape Adheres to the Right Size
One way you can choose between a round and rectangular bathroom mirror is to analyse the size of the space. Your space is relevant to the size of the mirror you choose, and you want to ensure that the shape you choose fits the size of the room. If you own a smaller bathroom, a round mirror is a perfect choice because it will take up less space and create the illusion of a larger space.

Meanwhile, a rectangular mirror is a great option if your bathroom is larger because it will fill up more wall space and create a more dramatic look. Additionally, a rectangular mirror will be the best choice if you have a double vanity because it can span the length of the two sinks.

Final Thoughts
Both rectangular and round mirrors have their unique benefits. Rectangular mirrors provide a larger reflection, making them a great choice for bathrooms or entryways. On the other hand, round mirrors have a softer, more romantic feel and are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

Ultimately, which type of mirror you choose revolves around the look you are trying to achieve and the space you are working with.

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