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The Ideal Bathroom Mirror Placement: Where Should It Go?

The Ideal Bathroom Mirror Placement: Where Should It Go?

When remodelling their bathrooms, homeowners frequently wonder where to put mirrors. Your bathroom will look much better if the mirror is carefully chosen, proportioned, and positioned. 

Choosing a mirror is enjoyable and simple, thanks to the many fashionable designs available. However, it needs some thought and planning to hang the mirror in your bathroom.

You may learn more about bathroom mirror placement in the guide below.

What Location Should Bathroom Mirrors Be In?

Bathroom mirrors are often hung over the vanity or sink. If your bathroom has a unique design, such as windows that are situated awkwardly or structural constraints, you can get creative and play around with where you put your mirror. 

Above the vanity area, mirrors don't have to hang flat on a wall. Mirrors that float and dangle from a hook are an option. Another choice would be to instal a backsplash-style full-length mirror or a large mirror that spans the entire wall.

A Location That Gets Natural Light

Mirrors ought to be positioned where they can reflect natural light. Place it where as much natural light as possible will be captured. Natural lighting, which is perfect for doing cosmetics, will help to enhance the space. 

The bathroom window's opposite side would be the best location to get natural light during the day. Since it will make the space appear bigger and more spacious, this is excellent for small bathrooms.

A Space That Is Both Useful and Accessible

Make sure the mirror is placed in a convenient and accessible location. The mirror should be at a reasonable height so that the centre is at eye level, whether you opt to hang it on the wall or position it on a shelf. 

When trying to collect light, the mirror's height is extremely important.

A Spot That Enhances the Room

Put the mirror in a spot where it won't cast a shadow over other features. Mirrors have to fit in with your bathroom's style and be complementing. The size of the mirror and how you want to mount it in your bathroom will also have an impact on this. 

If you have two sinks, you can instal one ultra-wide mirror that spans the length of both sinks, or you can instal two mirrors, one for each sink. 

Make sure the mirror won't compete with or overpower other elements in your bathroom.

Where Should Mirrors Be Placed for Good Feng Shui?

Feng shui holds bathrooms in low regard, but hanging a mirror on the entrance can change that. To contain the bad energy, attach a full-length mirror to the inside of the bathroom door. 

Positive energy is repelled from entering the bathroom by the mirror and is prevented from draining away. The mirror shouldn't be placed in front of the toilet bowl because doing so will just help to amplify the negative energy coming from the bowl's offensive sights and odours. 

It's also crucial that the mirror is positioned so everyone in the family can look in it and see their whole head-on reflection. 

You can allow tiny children to stand on a stool if you have any. Anyone looking into the mirror shouldn't get their head cut off, as this can be unlucky.


When selecting the best spot for your mirror, keep a few other things in mind. The mirror's size, the sink's height, and the amount of natural light in the room can all affect where the mirror should be placed. 

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide where the mirror should go. Just make sure that you can see yourself clearly in it!

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