Vanders Glass

Pebble Mirror - 60 x 110 cm

$219.00 $329.00

Elevate your space with our Pebble Mirror!

A sleek and modern design choice for your bathroom, hallway, or any blank wall.

Its irregular shape adds visual interest and a modern touch, while the slim aluminium frame ensures enduring quality.

This mirror seamlessly complements contemporary, industrial, and modern interiors, softening hard angles and creating a sense of calmness.

Measuring 60 cm by 110 cm, it's the perfect size for various locations in your home. 

These mirrors come with hanging attachments on the back for seamless hanging.

The mirror also has a waterproof backing, so they are safe for all wet areas and ensures longevity of your top quality mirror. This also means no MDF backing which may swell or mould and decay over time.

 Width: 60 cm

Height: 110cm

Weight 5 kgs

Depth: 3cms